Alpaca Shawls , babyAlpaca Shawl Ayar Cachi, free shipping worldwide

Baby Alpaca and Alpaca Alpaca Shawls Ayar Cachi with a free gift, free shipping worldwide

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Beautiful alpaca shawls

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Baby Alpaca Shawls,

100% baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar Cachi

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100% Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar Cachi

Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar cachi  - Product id: alpaca-shawl-02

Price: USD $109 .99
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100% Baby Alpaca
Free Shipping worldwide
Free Shipping Worldwide

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Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar cachi  - Product id: alpaca-shawl-02 Photo01 Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar cachi  - Product id: alpaca-shawl-02 Photo02 Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar cachi  - Product id: alpaca-shawl-02 Photo03    

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Product Overview

You will love the 100% Alpaca Shawl Ayar Cachi, we produce it using the best baby alpaca, you can keep your body warm using this confortable shawl, very soft, high quality , you can enjoy the benefits of the alpaca . We got a modern design for you, with embroidery, Andean Motif, the alpaca is very warm, very soft, and you can get this baby alpaca product at free shipping,  and also we are giving you a free gift with your 100% Alpaca Shawl Ayar Cachi. 

- The Ayar Brothers Legend - Inca Spirit takes its name from the legend of the four Ayar Inca brothers. In most of their performances they have four musicians to symbolize each of the Ayar brothers. Ayar in Quechwa means spirit: Manco means stone, Cachi means salt, Uchu means hot pepper, Auca means fighter. Stone spirit, Salt spirit, Hot pepper spirit and Fighter spirit. The four brothers, Ayar Manco, Ayar Cachi, Ayar Uchu and Ayar Auca, lived inside Pacariqtambo (Inn of Dawn). The four pairs of brothers and their sisters were created by Viracocha to rule the world. They emerged from four windows from the entrails of Mount Tamputoco, in Pacariqtambo.

The whole world was living in an unruly, uncivilised manner. The Ayar brothers began with organising mankind and divided tribal people into eight large communities. Leading the new ayllus (small family cell) the brothers set off in search of fertile land to sustain themselves. They planted the seeds they borought with them and lived in valleys after the harvest they moved on towards Cuzco. (Qosqo means belly button or center of something) They carried Sunturpaucar, a long golden staff adorned with colorful jungle feathers, a cage with a sun-bird who could talk and give advice and a sacred golden Kero (a large cup). Ayar Cachi's powerful Honda (sling shot) could make earthquakes and make valleys and mountains rise. His strength and violent streaks worried his brothers. Ayar Cachi’s brothers deceived him into returning into the cave of Tamputoko to obtain forgotten Kero vases.

They then sealed the cave entry with massive boulders. As they traveled, Ayar Auca sprouted large Condor wings. He flew to Qorikancha (now the Golden Temple of the Sun) and was finally transformed into stone. Arriving near Cuzco, Ayar Uchu was turned also into a stone figure on the Huanacauri mountain. These stone figures were revered as gods and protector guardians. That left just one survivor, Ayar Manco, he was told by the talking bird to through in the air the golden staffs. The staffs landed in fertile land and sank. This was the sign to establish a village, which he named Qosqo(Center of the world). Ayar Manco conceived Cuzco as a major administrative and ceremonial center. The city was erected on the slopes of a hill (the summit being reserved for the great fortress of Sacsayhuamán) and adopted the puma as its totemic symbol. The city’s shape is that of a Puma, Flanked by two rivers; between these, the succeeding Incas built palaces, squares, streets and public buildings, which have survived through the centuries to this day.( .

You will fell your hands free using this Alpaca Scarf, very useful and very fashion, using the great fiber that Alpaca Is.  You will have with these Shawl a piece of the Andes culture, with a free gift, that reminds you our best efforts to give you a good product and a good service.


Benefits and Features


- No animal was ever harmed to make these items.
- Each one is totally unique, many are totally handmade.
- Made by Fair Trade Artisans
- Durable enough to be used a long time.

- Collect them all.

Product Information Details

Size aprox :ONE SIZE FITS ALL Weight aprox: Material:
  180 x 44 cm 0.77 lbs 100% Baby Alpaca

70.9 x 17.3 inches

0.350 Kg  
Manufacture Made in: Delivery time:
Machine Peru Usually arrives on 10 business days by UPS.

For USD $109.99 you will get:

Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar cachi  - Product id: alpaca-shawl-02 Photo02
100% Baby Alpaca Shawl Ayar Cachi

Free Shipping worldwide
Free Shipping Worldwide

Free gift with every order
Free Gift with every order